Let’s talk colours!

In June 5, 2014

Hi, lets talk colours.

First order of the day when it comes time to choose a room colour, look at a painting, a carpet, fabrics that will be used in the space.
Look out of your window; beautiful scenery or a garden can be inspirational. A trip to a foreign country may influence a colour palate.
Take a photo of what gets your attention it may be a guide for future colours selection.

Express your personality with colours.

  • Luxurious: Metallic gold, silver, bronze
  • Pleasing: Neutrals, earthly shades
  • Exciting: Reds, Yellows
  • Calming: Greens, Blues
  • Delicious: Ice-cream parlors pastels, chocolate brown
  • Summery: Aqua, Navy’s
  • Wintery: Whites, pale grays and taupes

You can always add a trendy colour to almost any décor. Do not be afraid to bring your own individuality and life style to your final choice, you will enjoy the end result.
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